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Hayes Tasmania

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Working with horses in our programs gives many benefits

H - Horses.

Horses live in the present so can tell us when we are authentically lined up with our own truth. They demand congruence of head and heart if they are to follow willingly, and they teach us how to come into and operate from that powerful place of alignment. 

E - Experiential. All Hug a Horse experiences allow you to touch and connect to the horses, smell the grasses and connect to the river and the earth. You will move, respond, use your body. In fact, the first point of learning is your body. After the fact, the mind can then process what happened and make practical applications to real life.

A - Awareness

Working with the horses and  elicits high levels of self-awareness. Horses reflect back to us how we show up, how we affect others, what we are feeling and thinking, and when we are on the right track.

Horses don't care what our role is, how much money we make or what kind of car we drive, they give us percent and true feedback.

Horses give us non-judgmental feedback and reflect back to us strengths which we were previously unaware of .

R - Results.  

Working with horses can give us better communication with friends and family, and other people in our lives.

It will give increased trust and the ability to build strength and confidence, while giving more clarity of vision/mission and Increased emotional and social Intelligence

T - Transformation

The learning the horses give us lives and evolves in the body and in the language of our relationships and communications. Because horses get to the heart of the matter, old, stuck paradigms shift unexpectedly, offering new, innovative approaches to relationships for very successful results.