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Hayes Tasmania

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“Success is about the journey, not the destination”

Success means something different to all of us, but one thing is true; we will never find real satisfaction and fulfilment if we are living someone else’s life. I want to help you to gain a clear perspective of what is really important to you and gives you practical skills to help you to enjoy the journey of balancing life while you put your business together.

Maybe you feel stuck or unhappy and are going round in circles…or if you feel that you have reached a plateau in your business and personal development and want to move things forward, then I believe I can help you.  I have a holistic approach to coaching which brings together the profound lessons I have learned from my business experiences over the years…and I am still doing this every day, creating new businesses and making a successful life with an awareness that grows every day.

I love to incorporate mindfulness and body awareness techniques, which enable you to listen to what your body, as well as your head, is telling you so that you can make better choices and feel in control rather than overwhelmed. When you are balanced like this you can make authentic and balanced choices and uncover the joy of being your true self and enjoy your business. 

Our Horses

I often use horses as a way of balancing and aligning thoughts. Horses have a way of bringing clarity through mindfulness and stillness as they live totally in the moment and will not be rushed…in a  way they reflect how we are feeling and acting. Doing some sessions with our horses can bring real clarity to an area where you are really STUCK!  

How can I help you?

Many people are overwhelmed at the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ to do in order to get your business operational and trading. It  can be a much gentler and more focused ride, simply by having someone to hold your hand, help you, guide and support you through this process.  Basically, if you are experiencing it, chances are, I have been there myself. I have set up, run and sold on over 8 businesses of my own and have just launched a new business so my experience continues to grow and evolve as markets and my education change and increases.

A bit about me…

All my life I have had an entrepreneurial flair, starting many businesses and connecting withy clients to build strong relationships that have allowed me to be able to help many people in various industries. What I have learned is that my skill set has developed over many areas through needing to ‘wear many hats’ over the years and this has led to me helping other budding entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the  ground or even to have a fresh set of eyes on their existing business that has gone a bit stale.

What I offer?

The tools are many…but basically you need to have a plan!

Something that is easy to understand and easy to follow.  So we  sit down and go over all your hopes and dreams for your business and see what needs to be done first and make a plan to steadily get it all done, simply and easily, one step at a time. I really want to get clear and set a direction so we both know where you are heading and take the simplest and easiest course to that point!

We also discuss how you are looking after yourself, your head space and wellbeing so you are in a  space to run this amazing business you are creating. I want to share with you, a tool belt of things I can draw on to stay in a great space, whatever is happening in your life. Then help to guide you as much or as little as you need.

Does this sound like you?

If some or all of what I have outlined, connects with your thinking in some way, let’s have a chat and see how we can work together. We can get together for a complimentary discovery about what you want to choice and how we can get there and if your heart says ‘YES’ , then we can go for it!